The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 45 – Fred Astaire’s “Puttin’ on the Ritz”

In this video we have the legend of film scene “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, tap danced by greatest of the great, top hat and tuxedoed Fred Astaire, from the movie Blue Skies, 1946.  Such debonairness, such purity, such a cosmopolitan, sophisticated, elegant, carefree performance, conveying lightheartedness, and the elegance, fun, amazement and beauty that a good life can have.  It’s lighthearted ease was achieved however, by, according to Fred Astaire, “five weeks of back-breaking physical work”; and the “how’d he do that??” cane work in the dance routine was achieved by a trigger mechanism in the floor.  Amazingly – over 40 years before anything like CGI existed – the 9 dancers in the chorus line in the background are all Fred Astaire too.  That was done by filming him on two other, separate film strips and then interleaving the film in strips into a montage in the back, creating the line of him dancing in sync with himself.  Such skill, precision, energy and amazing ingenuity.  One of my favorite parts is how he walks off-stage afterwards in the movie into the dressing room where the roses are being arranged in a vase.  The elegance continues off-stage. 🌹 : )  The song is by Irving Berlin.  Enjoy!


Paul Daniel

Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I. : )

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The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 41 – Manhattan Aurora Borealis.

Hi Everyone,

The video below is of the nighttime lights of the skyscrapers of midtown Manhattan on the clouds, producing a Manhattan aurora borealis.  I took this video on an iPhone 4 from just north of the Great Lawn in Central Park near the 85th Street Transverse, on April 21, 2012 at about 8:30 pm.  Men’s minds can make such beautiful things!

Let me know what you think!


Paul Daniel
Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  
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The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 10 (! – :]) – Love Changes Everything.

A milestone.  Issue No. 10 of The Beautiful Project.  Woo Hoo!  Woo Hoo!  It’s all happening!  I hope everyone is enjoying these beautiful things.  Please let me know how much you are.  : ) It makes me happy to hear people’s responses.  

So – with no further ado – Love Changes Everything.  

Oh My Goodness!  Everything is perfect here!  A perfect masterpiece depiction of a certain thing, a certain kind of love.  From the musical ‘Aspects Of Love’! 

A young man in a period car drives up.  He looks like a person who is innocent, romantic, and perhaps less experienced in the ways of love and people and the world.  He enters a house, takes off his hat, and the music sounds.  And then, he starts singing.  One of the greatest songs *EVER*.

I grew up hearing this song, and re-found it as an adult.  I remembered how big an emotional effect it had on me when I was a child, and went looking for it.  Arch-romanticism is radiant in this Andrew Lloyd Weber masterpiece song.  In the style of being in love with a “problem person”.  It has an intense, poignant affirmation of the value of love, however heartbroken that affirmation may be.  And it also has an affirmation of the good values that cause love – however much the person who is loved may be absent in some values, and/or have values that are not good. 

I look like Michael Ball, the singer, does in this song, and I had a love experience like that once, when I was 17.  Andrew Lloyd Weber did such a good job expressing what that is like.

Scary and ecstatic at the same time.  And this song describes how falling in love like this can be like a nightmare, and exciting and exaltation.  You wonder when you will be properly happy again, and you are aware that you are different than you were before, that the experience has made you feel how you feel now.  That your state of being has changed.  And that you had never felt anything like this before, and in that way, you are changed.  And in knowing of something you did not know about before, you are changed.  And in these ways, you are aware you are changed permanently.  “Love Changes Everything.”

The music is awesome, but the shocker to me is how perfect the video expresses the music.  The sets and the scenery and the behavior and the acting and the clothes and the video transitions and the music performance are just *perfect*.  Wow.  Ah.  Beautiful. : )

Furthermore, especially for children, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a disclaimer on this song somewhere?:

“Disclaimer:  This is only one aspect of love, one way it can go, but love *can* be fun.  The lyrics of the song – for example – ‘Love bursts in, and suddenly all our wisdom disappears.  Love makes fools of everyone: all the rules we make are broken.  Yes, love; love changes everyone – live or perish in its flame.’ should not be taken as the par for the course experience of love or be taken entirely literally.  Love should be, like all life, *fun*.  You don’t lose all your wisdom, become a fool and live or perish in flame, every time you fall in love.”

A first love is scary enough to a rookie, no need for metaphorical exaggerations!  There are children listening. 

If you have had a relationship like this, and many of us have, in some form, it will bring back memories.  “Ah, yes, I remember that . . . this happening to me.”  The affirmation of love contained in the song and video makes it still be fun.  Enjoy!

Love Changes Everything:

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