The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 39 – The Music ‘Light & Day’.

Light & Day Pic 1
Light & Day Pic 2

A bright, golden, warm thing on this October day. . . . ☀️

Track No. 4 on the soundtrack CD to Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (still one of my favorite movies – I have it on VHS, DVD and I own the soundtrack CD) is an extraordinary piece of music, titled Light & Day, by the group The Polyphonic Spree.  It does not appear in the movie itself anywhere, though; it is used for a special music video on the DVD.  It has one of the brightest, most effervescent, optimistic, joyous, exuberant sounds I have ever heard, and I wanted to do this issue of The Beautiful Project on it.  I wanted to do it on something upbeat, and I thought about doing it on many things, but this seemed best for today, because it is fresh, whereas we have all heard the Beethoven 9th Symphony-Ode To Joy melody line before.  That can be for another issue. : )
            The arrangement of the instruments in Light & Day is extraordinary.  It brings to mind the dizzying, ecstatic, whirlwind sound and orchestration in pieces of classical music like Enescu’s Romanian Rhapsody No. 1.  That can be for another issue too!
            The linked track is the only one I could find that is what is on the Eternal Sunshine CD, although it references an unrelated TV show.  I would have linked to the official Eternal Sunshine music video, but it seems to distract from the music, which is what this issue focuses on.
            This sure is an original piece of music; it falls into the Pop category, but it is unlike any other song I have ever heard!
            I thought the above pics expressed the sense of this piece of music too. : )
            Enjoy! 🌅
You can purchase the soundtrack CD or the Light & Day track alone here: 

Let me know what you think of it!  : )


Paul Daniel
Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  
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