The Beautiful Project – 3rd Anniversary Issue – Issue No. 40 – The Ballade pour Adeline.

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Today is the 3 year anniversary of The Beautiful Project.  40 issues have been done to date!  There are now over 350 email recipients and WordPress followers and the list of subscribers continues to grow.  *<:-P party  Many, many more years to come!  Woo hoo!!! *:) happy*<:-P party

Fireworks B

Enjoy the piece of music below, I have been looking forward to doing an issue on it forever. –

The piece is ‘Ballade pour Adeline’ (French, “Ballade for Adeline”).  It is a very beautiful piece of music, and an important piece of classical music, in part, because unlike the music of Mozart etc it was composed more recently, in 1976; there have been fewer pieces of great classical music composed lately. It was composed by French composers Paul de Senneville (primary composer) and Olivier Toussaint (de Senneville’s composition partner).  Paul de Senneville composed the piece as a tribute to his newborn daughter, Adeline.  The first recording was by Richard Clayderman and it was a gargantuan hit, and made Richard Clayderman hugely famous.  According to Wikipedia world-wide sales of his recording of Ballade pour Adeline have now reached over 22 million copies in 38 countries.

Beautifully elegant video of the piece’s performance by Richard Clayderman:

This piece of music can be purchased here. –



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Paul Daniel

Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.

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The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 7 – The Millau Viaduct – The Bridge Above The Sea Of Fog

The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 7 – The Millau Viaduct – The Bridge Above The Sea Of Fog

Today’s issue of The Beautiful Project features the Millau Viaduct, the world’s tallest bridge, and one of the world’s most elegant.  It’s lithe, beautiful frame extends over the valley of the river Tarn near the town of Millau in Southern France.  It is, at the top of it’s tallest mast, over 75% as tall as the Empire State Building (!).  It is a precise example of men using their minds to reshape the world in order to delicately, with exquisite skill and care, facilitate human life.  *So good, so beautiful!*

Millau Viaduct.jpg
More exquisite photos: 

The Millau Viaduct was an idea submission by – 
Iris Bell
That makes two sublime submissions from Mrs. Bell.
Thank you!
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On a more personal note, in other beautiful news, I won a Classical Music Radio Station call in, was the right caller number last week, and won tickets to Lincoln Center here in New York City.  *First time ever.* So happy, can’t wait to go!  Who says we’re not living in a benevolent universe?  Ha!  🙂
Woo hoo!

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Enjoy!  All the best!, and do let me know your thoughts on the Millau Viaduct!