The Blog About Beautiful Things is the blog of The Beautiful Project, showcasing the most beautiful things in existence.

– Contact Information, and to be added to the email list for future issues: Paul Daniel, a_beautifulthing@yahoo.com

As often as I can, I will be sending out an email about a single beautiful thing, ‘one of the most beautiful things in existence’.  The content will also be posted on this blog.

The Beautiful Project as a whole consists of this and similar and related activities that are coming up, including The Beautiful Project’s website, smartphone and tablet app, events and other *superb* things.    : )

My project is being done to enjoy beauty, to showcase the most beautiful things in existence, and to have fun.  In our busy lives, we do not regularly take the initiative to use, find or seek out the beautiful things in the treasure chest of reality to enjoy.  You work hard, you get tired, wanting recreation, you check email, or put on the good movie DVD’s you own, or watch whatever may be on television; all of which may or may not do for you what you need it to do.  Meanwhile, your life is going by.  What you need is something you can get from beauty: exaltation.  One of the roles of The Beautiful Project is to help you to get that, to place a single one of the most beautiful things in existence before you, something new and fresh and exalted you had not seen before from the treasure chest of reality on this planet, so that you can enjoy it.

Also The Beautiful Project is an experiment – to see how much enjoyment and joy and fun we can get just by hitting the “Send” button –

The recipient part of the experiment is, if you would like to, to send me items that you find beautiful, anything whatsoever, attachments, the url of something beautiful you find on the web or anything else that you think would be proper to send out to the list, anything you think is beautiful.  I will then blog and forward all appropriate ones to the entire list with you getting recognition as the submitter of it.

In this way, I hope to achieve a stock of beautiful things that we all end up enjoying over the days of the years ahead, as beauty is a thing we should have as a constant in our lives, and that by your shares (by the button below, and at the end of each issue) of this blog and forwards of the emails, the incoming quantity of beautiful things will multiply exponentially!

I plan to write a book and a movie about the experience of doing this, and to catalogue, for another book, the beautiful things uncovered, and see how far it will go!  I also hope to make this blog into one of the world’s most popular blogs, showcasing beauty, so by all means, forward this email to any museums that want to promote their exhibits, artists or other creative people you know; it will be good advertising for them, and fun for all involved!

So, send in the things you find beautiful, and you could end up being in the book and movie!

If you would like to be on the email list to receive the issues of The Beautiful Project direct to your Inbox, so you don’t have to check the blog, and can have something beautiful pop up in your day (or someone else’s, who needs it!), once a week, as well as to be, on occasion, notified about the upcoming things from The Beautiful Project, simply send an ultra-simple email saying ‘please add me’ to a_beautifulthing@yahoo.com.  Include all email addresses you would like to have added, of other people, also.

All inquiries, questions, media inquiries, etc can also be directed to that email address.  

Add this site to your favorites, and add a link to it on your smartphone and tablet, at home and at work.  Use it’s issues to be emailed to people as mini-presents, on birthdays or holidays, or for the same reasons you use it – use it’s issues again and again (I do too) to cheer you up when you are feeling stressed, or to reward yourself for working hard, or fighting the fight, or to recharge, or for fast fun, a treat, a break, an online virtual vacation, or any reason to bring a state of exaltation, beauty and fun into your life simply by a click.  Or to bring that to someone else’s.  Use it to give you strength, morale and hope.  A cure for feeling down, an antidote to what is wrong in the world.

And use it to inspire you to aspire and rekindle your spark and then the fire of your spirit and goodness. To help you to keep moving forward or to fight the fights you have to fight.

And of course, use the share button below to share this About page, or individual blog issues you especially like with friends, family, coworkers, email lists, etc, to put something beautiful in their day!  And tell them to join the list!  : )

<|> The gold crystal background to the blog and attachment to the emails is the logo of The Beautiful Project.  It is a pure gold crystal that occurs very rarely in nature. <|>

The Beautiful Project is being done by Paul Daniel.

*Please* let me know what you think about it!  : )  Comment below and email me!  In Paul McCartney’s song ‘The End’, there is the line ‘the love you take is equal to the love you make’.  That’s true, in a sense.  For all of us. But, in my case, I’m making some love here, so give me some back.  : ) 

Let’s have some fun!  Well, ring a ding ding!

Thank you, and have a beautiful day, be beautiful, inside and out, and make for yourself a beautiful life.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. You have here such a beautiful project. Brings joy and beauty to the world. Actually for what is life if it`s not for beauty and joy. I will be here to read, see and find much more beautiful things 🙂

  2. What a cool idea! I found your blog because it was recommended by a jewellery designer whose blog also showcases some pretty lovely items. Looking forward to seeing some very beautiful things!

    What is the gold branching arrangement in the background of your blog???

  3. I too found your blog through Adeline. Beauty can also be intangible. As words float across a page when a poetic thought is captured. Or a grandchild’s laughter…even rain in winter.
    Good luck with this project. I will book mark your site so I can visit from time to time.

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