The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 37 – The Swan

Swan 1 Swan 2 Swan 3 Swan 4 Swan 5 Swan 6 Swan 7 Swan 8 Swan 9 Black Swan 1 Black Swan 2 Black Swan 3 Black Swan 4

The Swan is the subject of this issue, the most elegant of animals. Truly, one of the most beautiful things in existence. One of the nicest things about the swans is that they mate for life; very loyal, besides being beautiful.

Surprisingly, there is more than one type and color of swan, the “white” swan, the black swan, and different color bills. Above are 13 of the most sumptuous pics of swans I could find. Enjoy! (Let me tell you – they make GREAT desktop pictures. Especially the first and second one.)

That snow-whiteness of the swan’s (try saying that 5 times fast, lol! : ]]) back is extraordinary. In pic 6, zoom in on it, the feel of how it looks and the texture is awesome. It looks like Ivory soap, but even whiter. (Maybe because it’s 100%, not just 99.44. : ] Haha!) And like Ivory soap, it too floats! . . .

It’s just a big Ivory soap sculpture. Ha! I know, I should stop that, I’m being a . . . silly goose. Lol!

There are real black swans, who knew? It isn’t just a character in the third act of the ballet Swan Lake. And they have red bills. Wow.

Also – Camille Saint-Saëns, in his piece of music The Carnival of the Animals, composed a section ‘The Swan’, his expression in music of it. I always thought he really captured the elegance of the swan. Piece below –

And, because it is really sublime, just for the fun of it, this is music from the ballet; the first, what is sometimes referred to as the ‘Swan Theme’, and then also the complete Orchestral Suite from the ballet Swan Lake by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky; I REALLY, REALLY suggest you listen to both, it’s exquisite –

Don’t go taking a ‘swan dive’, now. Lol. But you can go watch the TV show Once Upon a Time, which stars the character Emma Swan. Ha! Ok, enough swan references. : )) …


Paul Daniel

Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.

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