The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 35 – Valentine’s Day Itself!

The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 35 – Valentine’s Day Itself!


For love, I would circumnavigate the globe 1,000 times, if it were necessary.
The Kiss Young Persons In Love 1,000 Flowers
The beautiful thing of this Issue of The Beautiful Project, on Valentine’s Day weekend, the Sunday after Valentine’s Day, Friday, 2/14/14, is Valentine’s Day itself!  Unique among holidays, it is a day devoted to celebrating love, the supremely good response, with the focus being on romantic love.  It’s a good thing. Don’t you think it should be a planet-wide national holiday?  I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!  Hugs!!!!! 
In celebration of Love – a great, but rarely heard today Love song/video, and two photos of people in love, and a symbol of Love.
Kenny Rogers (sumptuous live video) singing the ballad ‘Lady’ by Lionel Richie –
This video is also supremely important because, in an age where men are not encouraged to express their most human attributes, this video shows that a man can and should be strong, masculine and romantic and emotional, handsome and beautiful, at the same time.  That *is* normal and good.  Musically, and in many other ways, Kenny Rogers is one of my heroes, and role models.  All men can learn something important from him; he is an inspiration:  
He is the epitome of being both masculine and romantic.
And that can be seen in that video.  He shows us all, but especially men, in critical ways, how to be.
And for all the guys who wonder sometimes why I have so many girls in my life in different, but Always, good ways, this helps to answer their question; this is the kind of man I aspire to be.
The pics:
The Definitive Kiss of Prince Charming and Snow White from the TV show Once Upon a Time – and a kiss of two people in love (not a fairy tale : D).
See attached.
A photo I took of flowers, I call it ‘1,000 Flowers’.  Good gift to someone you like!
See attached.
Happy Valentine’s Day, Everybody!  Keep the love and singing and music and beauty and peace going all year long and forever.  Love is for Always.  Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate it.
Let me know what you think of this Issue, and send me your own favorite Love photos, images, songs and other things.
The song can be purchased here:
All my best, with Tender, Loving Care,
Paul Daniel
Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  
The blog for The Beautiful Project is The Blog About Beautiful Things at: 
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