The Beautiful Project – 1 Year Anniversary And Issue No. 34 – The Star Flower


Hello, Everyone.  

As some of you have noticed, it has been some time since the last Issue of The Beautiful Project.  I have been fighting hard to build a life for myself in personal independence, and was ill too, but I am continuing to move forward, and, the difficulties of these past 3 months behind me, I am doing what I teach my Life Coaching students, to keep moving forward.  I am reminded of Issue No. 18 – A Return To Life, and the Edna St. Vincent Millay poem.  Those of you who know me better also know that I have had a resumption of relations with my family recently, after 15 years of separation.  It has been a very traumatic last few months, and I continue my Frodo-esque struggle up my own personal Mount Doom to try to finally chuck the ring into the volcano and succeed in building a life for myself in personal independence, as a writer and Life Coach.          

In that regard, I will be doing much less text writing in the issues of The Beautiful Project in order to put the time towards the critical priorities.  That is a simpler, and in some ways, more focused format, which is also elegant, and I expect will be very enjoyable too.  A quick shot of beauty, in and out, nobody gets hurt, ha ha ha.

I was busy and having trouble getting to do this issue, but I could not let the year end without doing one more issue of The BP.  As I now write this, at 4:24 am, today, coincidentally, is, to the hour, the 1 year Anniversary of the launch of The Beautiful Project on Saturday, 12/29/12 at 4:55 am (the email time stamp).  Happy Anniversary!

In celebration of that, in a way, this issue contains for the first time, a beautiful thing I myself did as the subject of the Issue:

I work in the community garden near my home, and I took, with some great calisthenic difficulty, a photo of a swinging in the breeze morning glory on it’s vine, on my iPhone, with flash, which came out really great.  It looks like it is giving off a light of it’s own (it is fun to play with the brightness of your screen to enjoy the different effects).  I am calling the photo The Star Flower, because of the shape of the star on it. It was pointed out to me that the leaves around it are shaped like hearts, so it’s star and hearts and flower, in one photo, all from nature, how cool is that?!!

Enjoy!  The photo is attached.  Note:  You can see the shadow of the flower, from the flash, on the leaf behind it, just to the right.  ( :  !!!  Fireworks on the 1 year celebration attached!  ( :  

In recap, the first year was a success, the blog moving from 3rd, to 2nd, to 1st as a Google hit by it’s own name, 350 people being on the email list, and it getting it’s 50th WordPress follower and 100th Like. Hooray!  Here’s to many more years of The Beautiful Project!  The Beautiful Project, Forever!  The BP, Forever!  The BP4EVER!!!  ( :  It’s been one heck of a year!  ( :  

By the way, WordPress has it snowing on the blog, the Holiday Season special effect.  Check it out and check out Issue No. 1 at the beginning of the blog, in celebration if you haven’t already.  It’s something – beautiful!  Hahahahahaha! 

And please let me know exactly what you think of The Star Flower!

All my best, with Tender, Loving Care, and Happy New Year!

Paul Daniel

Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  

The blog for The Beautiful Project is The Blog About Beautiful Things at:

<|> The gold crystal background to the blog and attachment to the emails is the logo of The Beautiful Project.  It is a pure gold crystal that occurs very rarely in nature. <|>

Fireworks A

Fireworks B


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