The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 33 – Animusic – Virtual Instruments That Seem To Play Themselves – Beautifully!

The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 33 – Animusic – Virtual Instruments That Seem To Play Themselves – Beautifully!

There is a brilliant man in this world by the name of Wayne Lytle (rhymes with title).  He had an idea while he was an undergraduate for giving expression to music in computer animation – “animated music”.  The company he founded is Animusic and several of his amazing creations are linked below.
            When I was in my 20’s I wrote a line for a future piece of work “if only life could be a day of wonder, day and night!”  By putting one’s mind on the best things in reality, you can keep your life, in part or in whole, a day of wonders.           
            Things like Wayne Lytle’s creations are the kinds of things that keep life a day of wonders.
            I encourage you to watch all the videos and buy his DVD’s.
            They are the things one devoutly wants to encounter all the time – the unexpected, the magical, the amazing, the beautiful, the exquisite, the consummate, the ingenious.
            I have always been fascinated by the self-playing piano and other instruments that can play themselves.  These virtual instruments take that amazement to a whole new level.
            The mind manipulating reality in the most complex, sophisticated ways, from music to computers – and producing something that produces enjoyment, fun and amusement of the highest and consummate kind.  Something awesome. 
            That’s what life should be like.
            The huge feeling of wonder one experiences looking at these videos comes in part from the awareness of the most sophisticated, complex things being seen and happening – while they are all under perfect control.
            The amazingness of these superlative creations is made larger by the fact that you are hearing beautiful music – and that Wayne Lytle composes or oversees the production of all the music himself makes it even larger.
            Try it on regular and full screen.  The resolution and detail is exquisite.
            Enjoy!  (Be sure and x out all the ads etc covering the amazing animation.)
            Thank you, Wayne Lytle!!!
Resonant Chamber:
Pipe Dream 2:
Cathedral Pictures:
Acoustic Curves:
Pogo Sticks:
Real world version that was engineered!!!!:
Buy Wayne Lytle’s Animusic DVD’s at the following link.  Makes a great gift, and the holidays are coming! : )
Animusic website:
And please let me know exactly what you think of Wayne Lytle’s Animusic (  Let Wayne Lytle know too, at the link below!!!  He wants feedback!  ( :
Feedback to Wayne Lytle:  
All my best, with Tender, Loving Care,
Paul Daniel
Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  
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