The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 32 – The New York City Flagship Ralph Lauren Women’s Store.

The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 32 – The New York City Flagship Ralph Lauren Women’s Store.

          On the corner of Madison Avenue and Seventy-Second Street is one of the pearls of New York City.  The Flagship Ralph Lauren Women’s Store, recently constructed in the last few years.  I have spent a lot of time on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and sometimes, when I wanted to relax, I would just go into the store and walk around.  The store is scented with candles, and most of the rooms are themed, designed to be an ultra-specific room – sometimes things like the 1800’s chateau bedroom of a Frenchwoman aristocrat, sometimes the 1960’s apartment living room of a New York City executive.  The other spaces are exquisite retail spaces, unlike anything else I have ever seen in Manhattan.  Walking through these rooms, one has the sense of an ideal world, as it was envisioned by Ralph Lauren.  Ralph Lauren himself used the word I am using a lot now, to describe it in 2010: ‘romantic’.
          I love this mansion, and I encourage you to look at as many of the photos in the first link below as possible, and read the detailed description of the store you get when clicking the women’s store link on the right side, after clicking the second link.
          And stopping into the actual store, should you be in New York City.  It is an experience like no other the city can afford.
          In movies, all the time, one sees New York City depicted as a place of elegant apartment houses with doormen wearing white kid gloves, exquisite boutique stores, well-dressed, well-groomed, elegant people, and a beautiful lifestyle.  In fact, most of New York City is nothing like that at all.  But the Upper East Side is, it is the best of what New York can be, and the Flagship Ralph Lauren Women’s Store at Madison Avenue and Seventy-Second Street is a prime example of the best of the best.
          Across the street is the other mansion, which houses the men’s store, and is also glorious.
          But the level of lightness and elegance of a particular sublimity and exquisiteness of the women’s store makes it a refreshing experience that is especial, for men and women alike.  It is just beautiful!
And please let me know exactly what you think of The New York City Flagship Ralph Lauren Women’s Store:
All my best, with Tender, Loving Care,
Paul Daniel
Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  
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