The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 30 – Back In Action – The Flower Duet – Dôme épais, le jasmin.

The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 30 – Back In Action – The Flower Duet – Dôme épais, le jasmin.

Hello everyone,
I know people were wondering what had happened over the last few weeks to the emails/blog issues of The Beautiful Project, and missing them!  As anyone who knows me personally knows, I was overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed by work on my book, the corporation and a very special article I am writing.  Some of you know which one I am talking about.
I am still overwhelmed.
But I just can’t stand it anymore, I must put out an issue of The Beautiful Project.  Beauty demands our attention. 
In time, I plan to do several issues to make up for the 4 weeks where there was no issue, to keep the number of weeks of the project equaling the number of issues released, as was planned, the once per week arrangement.
Also – this is Issue No. 30 of The Beautiful Project!  30 beautiful issues, woo hoo, celebration time!!!
So, coming back strong, here is truly one of the 5 most beautiful things ever created by a human being, referenced in Issue No. 8, The Flower Duet, Léo Delibes aria from the opera Lakmé (It’s set in India!  It’s about love! – Moulin Rouge!, ha ha!)  This is what is for me the most beautiful recording of it ever, Natalie Dessay, soprano, with Delphine Haidan.
And it’s in French!
When I first heard this piece of music on the British Airways commercial when I was little, I naturally assumed that it was the music one heard as one entered heaven.
Lakmé Description:
To buy the Lakmé opera (you know I’ve got my copy! : )
And let me know exactly what you think of The Flower Duet!
And this is Classical Music Master Class No. 2 (as introduced in Issue No. 23).
All my best, with Tender, Loving Care,
Paul Daniel
Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  
The blog for The Beautiful Project is The Blog About Beautiful Things at: 
<|> The gold crystal background to the blog and attachment to the emails is the logo of The Beautiful Project.  It is a pure gold crystal that occurs very rarely in nature. <|>

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