The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 28 – America and July 4th, Independence Day.

The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 28 – America and July 4th, Independence Day.

Moving into the week of America’s 237th Birthday, on July 4th, which is this Thursday, this issue of The Beautiful Project celebrates, with the national anthem and fireworks, America, the home of the Brave, and the American quality of life of freedom and happiness and fun; below are links to the Declaration of Independence, several founding fathers, and fireworks to show it’s glory and The Star-Spangled Banner national anthem:

The Declaration of Independence:

Thomas Jefferson:

Benjamin Franklin:

The Founding Fathers Page:

George Washington:

The Star-Spangled Banner:

You can buy a recording of The Star-Spangled Banner here:


Happy 4th of July!  Happy Birthday, America!!!  Hug America!  Thank you, Founding Fathers, George Washington and the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, one and all!

I wish you the best with tender, loving care,


Paul Daniel

Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  

The blog for The Beautiful Project is The Blog About Beautiful Things at:

American Flag - The Stars And Stripes - Old Glory


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