The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 26 – The Glories Of The Universe (2 issues, same day, No. 27 to follow)

The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 26 – The Glories Of The Universe (2 issues, same day, No. 27 to follow)

Ladies and Gentlemen!!!,

In honor of this being the first few days of the summer of a beautiful time in our lives, and the fact that due to intensely extreme busyness, I still have not done last last Friday’s issue of The Beautiful Project, I am doing 2 issues on the same day, to get back on track.

These two issues are about a beautiful thing from many light years away in the universe and something from right here on Earth.  The one that is far away in the universe was submitted by the brilliant Priscilla Tiffany Torres.  What a submission.  Very Doctor Who.  Thank you, Priscilla!

From deepest space, where, with the naked eye, nothing could be seen, comes the image of beauty far, far away, elsewhere in the universe.  These photos were taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and shows beautiful galaxies billions of light years away (remember, the universe is *very* large : ]); greater detail in the captions on the photos.   Observe the grandeur of the brilliance of men, who can perceive things billions of miles away, and take photos of them, and there they are, for easy viewing now, on your device.  

How cool is that?  HOW COOL IS THAT??!!  : )

Let me know what you think, and how you like it, and now, on to a terrestrial beautiful thing in Issue No. 27. . .

I wish you all the best, with tender, loving, care,


Paul Daniel

Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  

The blog for The Beautiful Project is The Blog About Beautiful Things at:

<|> The gold crystal background to the blog and attachment to the emails is the logo of The Beautiful Project.  It is a pure gold crystal that occurs very rarely in nature. <|>


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