The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 25 – Special Issue – The Transit of Venus Between Earth And The Sun.

The Beautiful Project – Special Issue – The Transit of Venus Between Earth And The Sun.

Hello, my dear reader,

Attached is a remarkable photo, of both scientific and aesthetic meaning, in multiple ways. You may remember that in the previous issue there was the painting ‘Surrender’ depicting a woman in the reverence of hero worship before the statue of a hero. Here is the photo of the planet Venus, as it makes its rare transit directly between Earth and the sun. Taking the sun as the hero, and Venus as the woman, the comparison between the work of art and the photo becomes apparent, and appreciable for it’s enormous aesthetic meaning.

This photo was taken of the 2012 transit of Venus; the next one will not be until 2117!

The aforementioned painting is linked in the prior issue.

This is also an important issue of The Beautiful Project, because all of the prior issues of The Beautiful Project have been about beautiful things on this planet; this marks the launch of my exhibiting beautiful things in other places in the universe, in accordance with the mission to exhibit the most beautiful things in existence, which includes not just the beautiful things on Earth, but beautiful things everywhere in the universe. And there are so many!!! Indeed, The Beautiful Project already has enough items stocked in it for centuries’ worth of issues. There are more beautiful things in the universe than there are stars. And I have only been doing this for 6 months! Although I have been looking my entire life. ( : Truly, we live in the treasure chest of reality. Be sure to explore the treasure chest!

The Aurora Borealis from Issue No. 17 and the space jump onto a surfboard from No. 13 don’t really count as being in other places in the universe, right?, although they are “out of this world”, ha ha ha.

In this sense, while all of the issues of The Beautiful Project have been grand so far, this is the first one that, in a sense, has grandeur. A real take off! I and The Beautiful Project are really clicking into place.

In celebration, everybody can listen to The Karelia Suite by Sibelius from Issue No. 23. A good way to celebrate! {I do love referencing beautiful things from prior issues in new ones! And it shows how useful the project is!} : )

For more information about the transit of 2012, click here:

Let me know what you think about the photo of The Transit of Venus Between Earth And The Sun.

Can you think of a reason for not sharing this? Neither could I.

I wish you the best, with tender, loving care,


Paul Daniel

The blog for The Beautiful Project is The Blog About Beautiful Things at:

<|>  The gold crystal background to the blog and attachment to the emails is the logo of The Beautiful Project. It is a pure gold crystal that occurs very rarely in nature.  <|>


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