The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 24 – Special Issue – Amazing Paintings By Sonia Verdu

Amazing Paintings By Sonia Verdu

Hi all,

The Life Saving Story is coming up shortly.

But –

These are 2 paintings I love. The first Painting I originally thought was Juno Moneta, the Roman protectress of funds [see artist’s website for it’s real title ( : ]. The second one with the woman kneeling is called ‘Surrender’.

The expression of exaltation on her face seems to convey everything about why Life is worthwhile.

It is by Sonia Verdu – there are a lot more good things on Sonia Verdu’s website, but nothing else quite like this:

And this, it is my conviction, shows hero worship:

Let me know what you think.

I wish you the best, with tender, loving care,


Paul Daniel

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