The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 23 – The Sibelius Karelia Suite & A Very Special Announcement.

Ladies & Gentlemen, 

I had an extra special week, unusually fun, joy and love filled and in celebration of that I am doing an extra special issue of The Beautiful Project.  In 2 ways.

First, all, and heed this carefully, because this is important, the beautiful thing in this issue is The Sibelius Karelia Suite.  This is a very important piece of music.  The richness, the elegance, the sublimity, the grandeur of what life can be is expressed in it perfectly.  To be clear:

The crescendo at exactly 2 minutes and 45 seconds into the piece of music expresses all that it is possible to experience in life.

Let me repeat that for emphasis, for due consideration:

The opening crescendo is the sound of everything that is possible in life.

Full stop.

Many of us who listen to WQXR here in New York City, are extra familiar with it, because they at WQXR had the good taste to use it as the opening theme of one of their shows for a long time.  And I heard it on the air again earlier this week, so good for them!


Secondly, the special announcement –

Accompanying The Beautiful Project I will be initiating something new –

An Online Classical Music Appreciation Master Class.  (I use the term Master Class very loosely here.)

An introduction and opportunity to appreciate and enjoy and learn about classical music, for the seasoned veteran of and the newly interested in classical music.  To enjoy, advance and popularize great and fun classical music in every way.

This will be called a Classical Music Master Class, or a CMMC, C-Double M-C, or a C2MC, or a CMC.

Get it, MC?  As in Classical Music/with Master of Ceremonies.  I’m the MC, in this CMC.  : )  Hee hee.

This Class will consist of a brief piece of information about the piece of music itself, like in this email, and a link to the piece of music so as to enjoy it.

In celebration of all this, this issue is the first of the Master Classes.  It is fitting that a CMMC should begin with The Sibelius Karelia Suite, as it is one of the greatest pieces of music ever composed by man. 


The Sibelius Karelia Suite:

You can purchase the piece here:

So think about it, and * do let me know * what you think about The Sibelius Karelia Suite.

Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  

I wish you the best, with tender, loving care,


Paul Daniel

The blog for The Beautiful Project is The Blog About Beautiful Things at:

<|> The gold crystal background to the blog and attachment to the emails is the logo of The Beautiful Project.  It is a pure gold crystal that occurs very rarely in nature. <|>


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