The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 22 – Judy Garland.

In this issue, we see everything that Life can be.  This is Judy Garland, in the movie “Broadway Melody of 1938”, performing the song ‘You Made Me Love You’, intercut with a soliloquy directed at Clark Gable.  She was about 14 years old at the time, approximately three years before her signature role in The Wizard of Oz.
The same sublime quality that is seen in her face here can be seen in her face in The Wizard of Oz, but here it is much more conspicuous, possibly due to her younger age and definitely due to the subject matter of the song.
There is the most exquisite idol and hero love and worship, innocence and exaltation in her face.  An intensely touching, poignant love and adoration for Clark Gable, and an expressiveness of all kinds of emotions, from being thrilled to being sad to being elated to being consecrated in her feelings for him, and what she has to say to him.  It is so good to see such innocence and joy in a human face.  Such clean feelings.  Such pure good.  Untainted by any sully of ideological contamination.  
This is a good girl in love with a good man.  This is what it looks like.  This is important.
And also it allows a person, for once, to see – and I can think of no other work of art which has it this much – a person living in a state of being – calmly – ecstatic, a state of casual euphoria, the great event of that, captured forever in a recorded media, film; being in a state of total intense joy and it being the most natural behavior for her, as if nothing but a world of completely good experiences existed around her, or around us, or that there could ever be anything else.  The event of a person experiencing such happiness is what is important in the world, and in the universe, and here it is captured, held up so as to say ‘this is important’, available to be revisited whenever a person wants to see it, when usually such real life moments go unrecorded.  
This performance by Judy Garland of this scene in this movie is an important thing.  An important, beautiful thing.   
It shows a world that is the world the way it is supposed to be, with people being the way they are supposed to be: good.  As an of course, as if nothing else was to be considered or was possible.  She is an ideal person in an ideal world, living in an ideal way.  The exalted feelings and rapture that she is experiencing shows the experience of everything of what life can and should be like, and is like for those heroic people who live their life well.
That is what is so special about this film clip. 
And that is a state of being experienced and seen on a person’s face most often today in children, but should be seen in every person at every age.
Once again I am reminded of that line from the song ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ which I mentioned in Issue No. 19:
“The world for once, in perfect harmony, with all its living things.” – 
which you can hear here:
That state is a state of benevolence; Issue No. 19 showed benevolence between two living creatures, a man and an animal, a whale, right next to each other, juxtaposed; this issue shows the greater reverential benevolence and love that can exist between two people, right next to each other, juxtaposed in the picture of one and the person of the other.
On top of that, the song ‘You Made Me Love You’ is beautiful, and the child genius prodigy Judy Garland acts and sings it in this scene so well.  What a voice, what acting skill, what a girl, what a sublime, exalted girl.
I wish you the best, with tender, loving care,


Paul Daniel
The film can be purchased here:
So, think about it, and let me know exactly what you think about Judy Garland’s ‘You Made Me Love You’ scene.
Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  
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