The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 21 – Hello – It’s Time To Say Goodbye.

The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 21 – Hello – It’s Time To Say Goodbye.

Hello – It’s Time To Say Goodbye.  Specifically, ROMANZA!; Andrea Bocelli’s duet with Sarah Brightman, Con Te Partirò (With You I Will Leave) or the English version of the title, Time To Say Goodbye.

It’s spring and many of us are feeling romantic, and people are being nicer than usual to each other in New York City.

I think of feeling benevolent in April and May as the spring’s form of the Christmas spirit. : )

To express all that romance and joy in life, there is little more intense and perfect than ‘Con Te Partirò’.  It’s in Italian, is about Romance, is sung by a gorgeous Italian man with a beautiful Englishwoman, and comes from an album entitled Romanza, wherein the aforementioned gorgeous man appears on the cover of the CD in a bright red shirt.  Italian, red, romance, singing, a woman, whoooo!, this thing has smoke coming off of it.

Many of us remember how popular the song was 15 years ago, and today I never hear it on the radio, ever.  So, here it is, a blast from our past, that song we all know and love that makes us feel great with the marching, passionate sound of the human spirit and everything that makes life worthwhile.


Does it for me every time.


For a little bit of the very interesting history of the song and it’s popularity, click here:

All the best, with Tender, Loving Care.


Paul Daniel

The song can be purchased here –

and here:

Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  

And do let me know exactly what you think of Time To Say Goodbye!

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