The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 20 – And When The Evening Comes We Smile.


This being Issue No. 20 of The Beautiful Project, it is appropriate to do something especially beautiful for it; Love is fitting.

I decided something today, after many years of thought; if I can meet the right woman, a good woman, a full heroine, who fights for what is good, I want to get married.  And have kids.  I hadn’t decided before, but now I have. 

Feel free to play matchmaker!

In that spirit, the song We’ve Only Just Begun, sung by Karen Carpenter, is the perfect beautiful thing for this issue of The Beautiful Project.  The song is beautiful – I especially like the line ‘and when the evening comes we smile’ – the singing is beautiful and in this video, stunningly, the images are beautiful.  Like Issue numbers 1, 11 and 12 it is images of beautiful people in beautiful places doing beautiful things; this time, about Love.  Above all this is a work of art that is of the genre that is the highest of art forms: Romanticism.

Romanticism, which shows what life should be like, and can be like if I, you, we are good, nice people; life at it’s best.

Romantic-ism.  Love-ism.

So much of life ahead!


You can buy the song here:

and here:

Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  

I wish you the best, with tender, loving care,

*Please* tell me what you think about We’ve Only Just Begun.


Paul Daniel

The blog for The Beautiful Project is The Blog About Beautiful Things at:

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