The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 15 – The Poem As A Barometer Of Civilization.

The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 15 – The Poem As A Barometer Of Civilization.

There was a time when poems were part of our lives.  One of the heights of the literary arts, a theme to express, including storytelling, plus rhyme, the poem is one of the highest examples of civilization: words, ideas, thought in the what to express and thought in the how to express it so that sounds structurally match.  Words, the mind, patterns; a highly ingenious thing.

The status of the poem, being a highest art, can be used as a barometer of civilization.  Today, it is not prominent, particularly the rhyming kind.

Romanticism being a high art form and poems being a high art literary form, I wanted to do this issue of The Beautiful Project to tell you about one work of romantic poetry.

Well – we have all encountered Shakespeare’s ‘Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Day? Sonnet 18’ multiple times (or should have), including that time we watched the movie Shakespeare In Love, and we all read Edgar Allan Poe’s Annabel Lee enough times now, I think.  And it’s too sad for a Beautiful Project issue.  : )

So, I wanted to do something new that you had not read before, in all likelihood, and that is different from the usual poetry, but still really good.  So, since winter just ended, and we are now in spring, and it’s still cold, and this poem is romantic, fun, happy in a way, but weird, grisly and exciting as a good movie, I wanted to select this as today’s beautiful entertainment:  The Poetry Of Robert Service, specifically, The Cremation Of Sam McGee.

Robert Service is one of the greatest poets who ever lived, one of the most virtuosic word rhymers of all time, and one of the best storytellers in poetry, ever.  And not too well read today. 

The Cremation Of Sam McGee is one of his most famous poems, for good reasons.


The Cremation Of Sam McGee:

Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  

And do let me know exactly what you think of The Cremation Of Sam McGee!

The classic ‘Collected Poems Of Robert Service’ can be purchased here:


Paul Daniel


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