The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 14 – The Magical Pink Lake Hillier.

Lake Hillier

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, there was a lake that was always pink.  And it’s still there.  In Australia, to be specific.  Just off the southwest coast of Australia is the Recherche Archipelago, and in it, is an island called Middle Island, and on it, is a lake that is pink, yes, pink, bubble gum, bright pink.  It always has been for hundreds of years, first charted in 1802, and it always continues to be, and no one is sure why.  Right out of a magical tale, from fairyland, except it’s real.  No special effects.  The water is naturally bright pink. And it stays pink if removed from the lake in a container.  There are several scientific theories about what is making the lake blush all the time, but none of them are conclusive, yet. Puzzling. I didn’t think things like this really existed outside of stories.  But they do.

See, the world is a magical, beautiful place.  

Spectrometers out, everybody, and enjoy!

The Magical Pink Lake Hillier:

An article on it:

More information on Wikipedia, which confirms it really is bubble gum pink when viewed from above, although the particular pic there, taken on a cloudy day, at near twilight lighting conditions, does not do the lake justice:

Beautiful, huh?  :0

Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?  Neither could I.  


Paul Daniel


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