The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 12 – Dynasty – Music That Is A Cure For A Hard Week.

The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 12 – Dynasty – Music That Is A Cure For A Hard Week.

And it’s Friday night again, ladies and gentlemen!  That means it’s time for another issue of The Beautiful Project. 

Did you have a hard week?  I did.  Very hard.  A wonderful salve to any hard week is this – The Dynasty Opener!

This, my friends and fellow lovers of beautiful things, completes the great trilogy of the beautiful openers from the great nighttime TV shows from the 1980’s that are made up by Dallas (from Issue No. 11), Falcon Crest (Issue No. 1) and Dynasty.  Such sublime music, such an ecstatic sound, such a sense of a beautiful world of joy and ease and being carefree, and living beautifully and elegantly, not from being wealthy and complacent, but in joy from having earned it, an ecstatic, beautiful life, being wealthy and active and working and joyous.  Talk about peace of mind.

And the images, like the Falcon Crest opener, show these things too.  Showing all that life can be, in an exalted style.  Through people in beautiful clothes and luxurious circumstances doing beautiful things.  Observe the presence of a business suit, tuxedos and the shot of an oil well gushing oil, the signs of businessmen who wear such suits, and work hard, produce, and make life possible and an industrialized, civilized world.  A world where such beauty, clothes, luxury and happiness and the ease for people expressed in the music are possible.

I, for one, cherish the first 25 seconds, with it’s soaring, sublime, ecstatic sound, it’s swinging opening sound, that expresses such a portentous, meaningful thing life can be.  And then the sounds express so much grandeur and elegance. 

Enjoy!  The Dynasty Music Opener!  Let me know what you think of it!


Paul Daniel


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