The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 11 – Special Double Issue! – New! Blog and Twitter!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A portentous day!  : )  The blog for The Beautiful Project has had it’s official release.  It is up and running.  And after all my hard work, it is exalted, if I do say so myself.  : )  I am very happy with it.  All of it’s share features are working, and ready to be used, and it’s About section deserves a reading.   : )  Dive right in and please use the share feature for email, print, Twitter, etc to spread it all over the web and Inboxes and house, because it is *beautiful*.  : )  Cheer someone up today!  Seriously, if you have been enjoying these emails, so will all your friends; this time, with all the exciting news and The Beautiful Project announcements, forward this email to all your friends, or your whole family, or all of your contacts or lists.  They will thank you for it a lot!  : )Additionally –

The Twitter account for The Beautiful Project, linked to the blog, has also just been completed and officially launched!  Big fun!  Expect lots of beautiful things there.

Now you can follow The Beautiful Project on Twitter! : )

The response to The Beautiful Project I am pleased to say has been intense; it is extremely popular, I am pleased to say, with over 100 people (and climbing!) enjoying the linked beautiful things per email, already over 40 beautiful items submitted for future issues, some of which you have seen already.  One blogger loved the blog so much that she did an announcement about it on her own blog!

The blog has already received some very nice comments in the About section, etc, and they keep coming in.  Thank you to Iris Bell and Adelina Weiner whose contributions have been so useful.  Especial thanks to Iris Bell for her many good ideas about the project and multiple submissions for future issues.  Thank you, Iris!  : )

So – here are the links to the brand new websites!

The Blog About Beautiful Things, the official blog of The Beautiful Project on beautiful WordPress!  Please read the About section!  : )

The Twitter account of The Beautiful Project!

Enjoy, and add them to your favorites, because lots of fun, beautiful things are coming! Furthermore, exciting and forthcoming is:  The Beautiful Project website, and The Beautiful Project app for smartphones and tablets!  Woo hoo!!!!  : )

And here is Issue No. 11 of The Beautiful Project!:

We all waited for it right before the show.  It was one of the highlights and best parts of the show, like the opening of a certain movie we all know and love, set in space.  And then it started and the exhilaration started, and you couldn’t help but bounce to the music.  Whether you saw the show in the 80’s or not, you’ve got to love – the Exalted DALLAS Music Opener.

The Dallas TV show is one of the most famous in television history.  It’s opening music, with it’s gorgeous, ecstatic sound and exciting beat, expresses the grandeur of human existence, like the Falcon Crest music does, from Issue No. 1.  And then there comes the images – the images in the opener shows what makes a life expressed by the music possible – men who use their minds, work and live, and have fun in living, and it’s outcome, the industrialized city of Dallas, the wealth created by productivity, the beautiful life made possible by men who work and farm, raising cattle or farming produce, and who responsibly produce sources of energy like oil that power the lights on your ceiling and the electricity in the computer you are reading this on, and the machines that produce the wheat in the bread you ate with breakfast!  A world of skyscrapers, a world of wealth, and a world that is essentially free from pain.  The music expresses the happiness that is possible to all of us when we live at our full potential, and the reward of doing it, ecstaticness, joy, happiness, pride, exaltation; a life that is beautiful.

And then the images of the principal actors; beautiful people doing remarkable things, in beautiful places and luxury, in business and life (except for J.R. & those other bad guys on the show!).  I, for one, grew up with a crush on Victoria Principal, who played Pam.  And the girls had crushes on Patrick Duffy.

The climactic shot of the family mansion at the end is particularly ecstatic.

It is one of the best sounds you will ever hear!

Enjoy! The Exalted DALLAS Music Opener:

I couldn’t find a good CD recording of it on Amazon, or a download on iTunes, yet – all the recordings I found were adapted for other instruments than are heard here (the wrong instruments!  :}).

Let me know what you think of the Dallas Music Opener!

And one last big thank you!  I give special thanks to Adelina Weiner for her announcement and what she did for me and the project on her beautiful jewelry blog  Check hers out.  Beautiful.


Paul Daniel


One thought on “The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 11 – Special Double Issue! – New! Blog and Twitter!

  1. Oh, Dallas, I still remember this movie from my childhood and about the ending your post, it was my real pleasure to share your project about the beautiful things from our existence to the world 🙂

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