The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 8 – One Of The Most Beautiful Sounds You Will Ever Hear.

The Beautiful Project – Issue No. 8 – One Of The Most Beautiful Sounds You Will Ever Hear.

            When I was little, on the British Airways TV commercial, I first heard, from the opera by Delibes, the Lakme Flower Duet, and I – being still at the age where one’s imagination’s products gets mixed with one’s understanding of reality – thought that was the music that a person hears as they enter heaven.  It’s that beautiful.  As a teenager, I heard a performance – it was the Nicolai Gedda or Jussi Bjoerling one – of the Bizet Pearl Fishers Duet, and my mind screamed with the intensity of the experience, as if it was too beautiful, that it caused hysteria, and was capable of inducing madness it was so euphoric.

            But neither of these masterworks is as good as, has the edge, the extremity, the euphoria, the exaltation sound that this piece of music has.  The piece of music that this issue of The Beautiful Project is about, which is more beautiful than those.

            Get ready to go ‘wow’.

            The intensity of the ecstaticness is supreme, the experience of the euphoria is of the highest kind, the high induced is consummate, the hysteria thrill is supreme, the sonic experience is sublime.  Ethereal is the word.  Heavenly.

            In this piece of music you can hear the sound of all the beauty of the entire universe.  The sound of a safe, rational universe.

            The sound of all of the glory, all the grandeur of what life has to offer.

            It is still one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard.

            3 minutes and 5 seconds of wave after wave of sublimity, be sure and listen to the whole thing start to finish, because it gets better and better as it goes on to the climax at the end.

            It is:

            The Orchestral-Bridal Version Of Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’, as adapted from the song, for the movie Muriel’s Wedding.

            I ran into it by accident on the soundtrack for the movie buried in a pile in an office, in oblivion, in the random chaos and junk pile of the world, and – notably – it is not present in a noticeable way in the movie.

            So, unless you accidentally encounter the CD or the CD’s track somewhere, you never hear one of the most beautiful sounds ever made by men.

            This is one of those things, buried in the world, an exalted treasure, hidden from you because you did not know, could not know, to look where it was, that is one of the most beautiful things you ever will encounter in your lifetime, like a mystery about life’s possibilities, a buried treasure, finally found, that contains the music that expresses all the possibilities of life, all that it is possible to experience in one’s lifetime, an experience of the sublime, and you never find it, unless someone makes a note of it, systematizes it, and points it out and tells you about it. 

            It is I suppose not a coincidence that the vocalization at the climax at the end of this piece of music is of the section of the original song where the words ‘having the time of your life’ are sung.

            Here it is, The Orchestral-Bridal Version Of Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’.

            This piece of music could make you into a better person, and so, change your life, and I advise that you let it do it to you, in every way.

            It makes you experience exaltation.

Enjoy the thrill!

For those who want to contrast it with the original – and I really advise it – here is the after-party to that piece of music, the original song ‘Dancing Queen’ from ABBA:

Listened to in succession, you might feel that feeling of exaltation that is an electrical feeling on your tongue and on the roof of your mouth! 

Enjoy!  And do let me know what you think of it!

If you want to buy the CD with this piece of music, the soundtrack to the movie, it is available here:


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